Thankful for Product Management

Looking back at two and a half decades in product management, and realizing how blessed I have been to have landed where I have.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The power of "I don't know"

When you don't know something, admit it. Honestly, it will be OK. The alternatives will damage your credibility, and hamper your reputation.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Big Changes at the Product Bistro!

Big shift, moving to Ghost and aligning our chakras has been the project of this long weekend. Hope you like the change!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

That would be a hard NO

A staple of product management is the pursuit of adjacent markets. But sometimes, that just doesn't work
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Stop whinging about "Tactical" vs. "Strategic"

When product managers get together, they often whinge about how much tactical bullshit is on their plate. They shouldn't
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Most Powerful Phrase in the Product Manager Vocabulary

Words have power. In product management, there is a phrase that is your secret power. Do not be afraid to use it.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

It's OK to have some non-productive time

Product Management is a stressful career, and even when you are "off" you are likely thinking about the job. Disconnect to save your sanity
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

To MRD or not to MRD ...

The old school product management world we lived and died by the Market Requirements Document. Sometimes, it is worth the effort to create it
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management Stock

Product managers aren't born, they come from other roles. Some are more likely than others, but all need to build customer and market empathy
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Book Review: The Team that Managed Itself

Book review: "The Team that Managed Itself" is an entertaining yet informative view of a team in a game studio that can teach real world lessons
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Know Enough

Domain Knowledge vs. Product Management skills, which is better? In this post, I posit that it is sufficient to "know enough" domain knowledge
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Selling to Product Managers

I will admit that as a product manager, I can try the patience of the average or even exceptional sales person. It's in our DNA to dig deep
Author image Geoffrey Anderson
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