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Pardon the dust

As I mothball the consulting services of The Product Bistro, I had on my to do list to move away from the WordPress hosted site, to a self hosted location. Not merely to save $80 a year, but to give me a lot more flexibility in the layout, and control over the site. Fortunately, it fits nicely on the same small-ish droplet hosted on Digital Ocean as most of my other properties.

So, if you are a regular visitor, you will see some in flux items. Notoriously, the XML output from the hosted WP.com site is a bit glitchy, so I had to do some painful, manual fixing of the posts. I believe they are all done now.

That said, there is still a ton of work to do. I will be tweaking on this for some time. I am still using one of the built in themes in the basic WordPress install (twenty seventeen) and I will go on the hunt for something a little more “fun”.

I have also “fixed” my Mailchimp lists, cleared out some cruft, and built a weekly blog post roll up to go out on Tuesdays. If you subscribe, you will get notifications once a week! (seriously, thanks for subscribing)

Last on my to do list: fix the categories and tagging.

I do have a long backlog of posts to get up, so expect many future updates.

If you have feedback, or just want to chat, connect with me on Twitter (@ganders2112) or drop me an email geoff (at) prodbistro (dot) com

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  • I have been through the hassle of moving blogs, although in my case mostly from one hosting plan to another – still a pain! Lost many of my pictures in the process.

    • I get a bug up my butt every couple of years. I will admit that this move wasn’t terrible, but I will grumble that the export from WordPress.com fouled up some of the formatting that took me far too many hours to (mostly) fix.

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