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Know Enough

Product Managers don't need to be experts on the technology, they merely need to know what is enough. Mastery of the role is synonymous with the zen of knowing what you need to know.

Selling to Product Managers

An interesting topic today, what it must be like to sell to someone who lives and breathes products, and all aspects therein. This post revolves around selecting a realtor as the trustee of my Stepfather’s estate. Synopsis: In late 2018, my...

Business Acumen

I’m going to tell a story that will ultimately show how misguided many supposed “good ideas” are, especially in relation to business cases, strategy, and planning. One site that I hang out on is Slashdot, an old school hang out...

Saying Goodbye

A recent round of staff reductions at work has led to the expected “goodbye” emails, where departing colleagues send notes of their departure, some memories, and contact information. Alas, the ones I have recently seen were somewhat, uh...

It’s a Major Award!

Way back, when I started the Product Bistro, I had a lot of spare time (between gigs), and I was using the blog to drum up some consulting, and piece work to fill in the gaps and time. I created this site to first describe what I could offer, and...

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