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Scope Creep

In my more than two decades of product management experience, with many different engineering and development organizations. Regardless of how great the teams are/were, there are always slips in schedule.

The “Miss”

Revenues are softening, some long term decline is suddenly accelerating, and you are missing plan. Senior management wants to know why, and – more importantly – what are you doing about it. They point their fingers to Product Management...

UX Observations

During a calorie laden splurge for lunch, I stopped in at the local Five Guys franchise. While waiting for my grilled gut-bomb (which was delicious) I watched the Coke Freestyle machine. It was an illuminating experience. The machines weren’t...

When is it time to move on

A recent post was around the topic of how long should you stay in a product management role. While there are no hard and fast rules, in my experience, and for me, it seems the answer is 3 years, give or take, before moving on to new challenges, or...

When I hate Marketing

How could I hate marketing? Technically, I am in marketing, and I have done a lot of it throughout my career. I will say that give me an eye level view of the bullshit that Marketing peddles at times. A concrete example is this picture, a snap from...

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