It's a Major Award!

Way back, when I started the Product Bistro, I had a lot of spare time (between gigs), and I was using the blog to drum up some consulting, and piece work to fill in the gaps and time. I created this site to first describe what I could offer, and how my prior expertise could be leveraged.

It worked – somewhat. I didn’t completely replace my salary, but it was interesting experience.

However, during that time period, the Boston Product Management Association discovered my blog, and asked if I was interested in them sharing my content. I, of course said sure, what could it hurt. Not much came of it until this year.

As I have settled into a permanent (well, as permanent as any position is) role, the Product Bistro languished. The frequency of posts went from one a week to one a quarter (or less), and I focused on my day job. In early 2018, I realized that I didn’t need to advertise my services, as I really didn’t have the spare time it would take to keep it fresh. So, I moved it off of the world (their hosting and management, headache free) to my Digital Ocean droplet.

At this time I also had a huge backlog of posts that were, while not ready to post, could be posted with some tweaks. So, I made the edits, cleaned up the language (I can be a salty person at times) and created a weekly schedule of posts.

Then, an interesting thing happened. My traffic started going up. Way up. Turns out that the BPMA had been picking up my posts, and adding them to their weekly newsletter. I was getting pretty solid referrals from them (checking my Google Analytics dashboard).


I should mention that a good post, referred by the BPMA got 40 to 50 views. Until one hit the wire. It took a week for them to pick it up, but when it did, it went wild. The post is Introverted and a Product Manager. It hit 180 views in a couple of days in July, and is now my most read post, BY FAR. It got so much attention that the BPMA nominated it in their annual MVP Awards. Thinking not much when I got the notification, I went and voted for myself (naturally) and noted that I was in tough competition.

Then, December 5th, I get the email that I am a winner. Second place in the category “Role of the PM“. Wow, Just wow.

I originally wrote that in 2017, after attending a trade show, where I spent 3 10 – 12 hour days manning the booth, and when I got back to my hotel, I was called by a sales account manager to go out and party. I begged off (and got a lot of grief for it) because I was, in typical introvert fashion, wiped out from all the interactions I had that day. A quiet evening, room service, and reading some novel was in store.

Who would have thunk it that it would find a large audience. I didn’t, but what do I know.

I am both humbled, and somewhat embarrassed by the award. I have never won anything significant before.

Now, where should I post the badge?

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Product Manager, physics educated, avid cyclist, dog rescuer, guitar noodler.
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