Time Management Tips - Meetings

Product Management is a job that takes up a lot of time day in and day out. You can help control that by being disciplined in your meeting management
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Scope Creep

Most projects get delayed, and when those delays pile up, it is often required to reexamine the scope and adjust to a changing market.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The "Miss"

Finance has some blinders on forecast accuracy, and needs perspective before berating product management for trivial variances
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

UX Observations

Lessons for product management can be found everywhere. Even in a fountain drink machine at a fast-food outlet.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management Transparency

Product management is central to the organization, and as such, it needs to be open, free with sharing, and trusted. When in doubt, over communicate
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

When is it time to move on

Determining when it is time for a change is challenging and tricky for product managers. Be sure to gauge your readiness and act accordingly
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management Mistakes

Some common mistakes in the world of product management. Be on the lookout, and try to avoid whenever possible
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Time in a Product Management Role

What is the optimal time in a Product Management role? It depends, but here's how you can gauge for your specific case
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management - Simplified

What is product management? At its core, it is defining a need, working to develop a solution to fill that need, and then making sure that people who need can get it
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management Truths - Redux

More product management truths unearthed from a long career with many stops in the field.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Exit Interview

So, you've decided to leave. How to handle the exit interview, and why you shouldn't go too negative. Your career will thank you.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Dog Whistles

There are some subvocal phrases that get your product management hackles up. How to identify them, and recognize them for what they are
Author image Geoffrey Anderson
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