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If you are honest, product management and marketing are intrinsically interrelated. All product managers need to be savvy at inbound marketing too

That would be a hard NO

A staple of product management is the pursuit of adjacent markets. But sometimes, that just doesn't work
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Reference Pricing

Product Management owns pricing, and understanding the concept of reference pricing is key to being effective in setting prices for products
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Structured Visits - Cross Functional Team

Structured Customer Visits are an important part of the product management repertoire. Building the right cross-functional team is key
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Structured Customer Visits

Sometimes it is as simple as just asking. Customer visits, structured to elicit information and needs are the life's blood of product management
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Importance of Market Segmentation

Segmentation of the market improves your ability to target and focus on what you can do, and for whom, ignoring distractions and time wasters
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Marketing Imagination

If I had to pick one must read book for product management, it would be tough to choose between The Marketing Imagination and Crossing the chasm.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Pricing - the most important lever

Diving deeper into pricing, and what a product manager should be cognizant of. Tip of the iceberg, but it is our most important lever on profit
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

E-commerce and the Reference Price

You can't understand pricing without the concept of the reference price. This is a practical example, that illustrates the importance
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

On Pricing - Getting to the Economic Value

A wonky post on getting to the economic value on the path to establishing a price. Good Product Management grist here!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Event Review: How to get from Software to Products

A meetup panel discussion on how to transition from software to products. Tailored to startups, there were kernels of gold for Product Management
Author image Geoffrey Anderson


A high-level thought exercise around pricing, using some familiar examples to demonstrate fundamentals for product management
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Focus, Strategy, and Distractors

Product management is part of the overall strategy process, and also in the messy part of execution. Work on improving focus, and removing distractions
Author image Geoffrey Anderson
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