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Product Backlog Prioritization

One struggle for the new or inexperienced product manager, is the proper prioritization of the product backlog. It is a relatively simple concept, figure out a scheme to weight, or rank the features or stories on the development backlog, to ensure that the team is working on the right features that will address the needs of the customer. Yet, this can be devilishly difficult for a seasoned veteran, let alone a new practitioner of Product Management.

Why is this? A major part of the challenge is the different priorities of the people whom you ask for input. Sales will demand priority be put to features that they believe are causing them to lose deals. Engineering will have an internal bias to things that they find rewarding to work on (or, heaven forbid, want to “refactor”). Marketing will focus on a crisp positioning strategy, and the features/value that they perceive that meshes with their messaging efforts. Et cetera.