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Articles that discuss common and typical topics in the field of Product Management. Runs the gamut from introductory, to deep dives

Forecasting - A Product Management Task

Of the myriad tasks in product management's world, one affects many groups. Meeting the needs of the stakeholders is key
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

User Experience is more than just the UI

There has been a lot of ink spilt on UI/UX but remember that development's experience is often quite different than end customers.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Just in Time Product Management

Gaining control of your time is a challenge in product management. Being able to work and deliver 'just in time' to manage the chaos
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Product Lifecycle, an introduction

A brief primer on the product life cycle. Every product manager has a significant role in the lifecycle, from cradle to grave. Own it like a boss!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The no Product management Product - A Cautionary Tale

Sometimes, you are handed a pig in a poke, a product so screwed up, or chaotic that you pull your hair out. Embrace the chaos, and WIN
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management Interview Tips

Looking for a product management role? Whether you are breaking in, or a seasoned vet, these tips will help you land the job
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Management like a Golf Swing

You learn by doing, and practice makes perfect (or better). Lessons for product management from golf
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

What if Other Groups set Prices

Pricing is crucial, and this is a look at the repercussions of other groups being in charge of pricing. Don't let that happen!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Time Management Tips - Meetings

Product Management is a job that takes up a lot of time day in and day out. You can help control that by being disciplined in your meeting management
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Scope Creep

Most projects get delayed, and when those delays pile up, it is often required to reexamine the scope and adjust to a changing market.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The "Miss"

Finance has some blinders on forecast accuracy, and needs perspective before berating product management for trivial variances
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

UX Observations

Lessons for product management can be found everywhere. Even in a fountain drink machine at a fast-food outlet.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson
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