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Skills are abilities that are acquired, and require practice, dedication, and discipline to hone and perfect. Articles to help with skill growth

Book Review: The Phenomenal Product Manager

Review: The Phenomenal Product Manager. It may be a thin tome, but it is chocked full of helpful advice, tips and tricks. Don't let its size fool you
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Structured Visits - Cross Functional Team

Structured Customer Visits are an important part of the product management repertoire. Building the right cross-functional team is key
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Structured Customer Visits

Sometimes it is as simple as just asking. Customer visits, structured to elicit information and needs are the life's blood of product management
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Pricing Foundations

Need to price something? This post can help you understand the basics. An initial overview of the concepts, and a lead in to more advanced topics
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Pricing - the most important lever

Diving deeper into pricing, and what a product manager should be cognizant of. Tip of the iceberg, but it is our most important lever on profit
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Product Manager as CEO of the Product

The Product Manager as the CEO of the product? Hogwash. That myth is dispelled in this post, and good riddance!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

On Pricing - Getting to the Economic Value

A wonky post on getting to the economic value on the path to establishing a price. Good Product Management grist here!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Practical Product Backlog Prioritization Considerations

More backlog prioritization guidance and help, for the product manager and/or the product owner.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Attributes of a Product Manager

What makes for a good Product Manager? Many attributes, but tenacity, curiosity, and a willingness to learn enough are key!
Author image Geoffrey Anderson
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