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Geoffrey Anderson

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Product Manager, physics educated, avid cyclist, dog rescuer, guitar noodler.

Product vs. Project Management

It is remarkably common for people to confuse product management and project management. They are quite different, and unique.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

My path into Product Management

Product Management wasn't my intent at the start of my career, but it was something thrust upon me, and I have thrived. Getting there wasn't a linear path
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Introverted and a Product Manager

One would be excused for thinking that a gregarious extrovert is a pre-req for product management, but the opposite is a good combination
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Engineering led? What to watch for

If you are in an engineering led organization, life as a product manager can face challenges. Go in with your eyes wide open.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Product Manager is not the Customer

A common flaw in product management is to confuse yourself with the customer. You aren't the customer, but you represent the customer in the process
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Technology Transformation - Adobe Lightroom

Great product managers are masters of driving and managing technology transitions. Be ready, and thrive
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Book Review: The Secret Product Manager's Handbook

A review of "The Secret Product Manager's Handbook" reveals it to be a wry, honest, and useful read for all product managers. Highly recommended
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Right People in the Right Roles

Looking at the other stakeholders in the organization and who/what is key for each role.
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

On Innovation

Innovation. Everybody wants it, but it is not easy to define, and impossible to schedule. Be realistic, and take reasonable risks
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Feature Request - Reply All

A hypothetical feature request and user story for Microsoft Outlook to fix the chaos of poor use of "Reply All"
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

The Importance of the Product Owner Role

The Product Owner, a role that is increasingly being blurred with product manager. That is a mistake, and if you can, have dedicated Product Owners
Author image Geoffrey Anderson

Book Review: The Phenomenal Product Manager

Review: The Phenomenal Product Manager. It may be a thin tome, but it is chocked full of helpful advice, tips and tricks. Don't let its size fool you
Author image Geoffrey Anderson
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